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"But, that said, the one thing I've realised with film scripts is that thereis never, ever a guarantee. I've accepted roles that I thought were justbeautiful, consummate pieces of work with great people involvedinthe cast and crew and somehow the film hasn't worked.There's a weird alchemy in filmmaking that you can never pre-empt. You give everything but you have no idea what the outcomewillbe."

It was the reaction to the initial screening of The Theory of Everythingduring the Toronto Film Festival on 7 September 2014 that finally persuaded Cartier Replica Watches that he might have just played the role thatwould define his future career.Replica Watches "The cast came on stage after the film had played and the response was so emotional. It seemed that everyone was feeling what I had felt when I originally read the script. I was so thrilled that I hadn't screwed it up because the stakes were very high - we had met Stephen and Jane and the family when we weremaking the movie and we knew they were going to see the film.

"I'm one of those people that when I see a film I think it is true whereas, of course, it's only really a take on life. But the fear of not depicting their story with authenticity or portraying the disease itself with accuracy terrified me. So many people are living with, and battling,motor neurone disease and I felt a responsibility to do their stories justice. So when Felicity, James and I went on stage in Toronto,we were quite sucker-punched by the reaction."

A Clean Sweep

In response to his grand slam of the most prestigious acting awards around the globe, Cartier Replica Watches says he has not quite taken in the momentous events of the past year. Although he insists that he has never aspired to such things "because they were always so far beyondexpectation and my life-long love of acting meant that the dream wasnot about accolades, it was just about being employed".

Cartier Replica Watches's dream year started in December 2014 when he marriedhis long-term girlfriend, publicist Hannah Bagshawe, flying straight from their Christmas skiing honeymoon to Los Angeles for theGolden Globes where he was announced as Best Actor in a Drama.When he received the Academy Award it was during a weekendbreak in the filming of his latest project, The Danish Girl, tobereleased in November. After shooting wrapped on the night of20February,Tudor Replica and his wife jumped on a scheduled flighttotheUS where, a day after landing, still suffering from jet lag, they arrivedat the "weird and wonderful circus" that is the Oscars.

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